No one likes slow-loading, hard-to-read menus.

Make your restaurant menu mobile oriented, simple and fast loading.

Scroll and order, it should be that simple.

Switch your menu to mobile seamlessly with Eats Venture, it’s:

  • Google-searchable
  • Designed for online and offline
  • Digital payment ready

Create your Google-searchable menu in 5 minutes

Why you should #EndPDFMenu

Save on printing costs

Save on Printing Costs

No more bills from the printers. Control your menu with just a few clicks.

Instant updates

Instant Updates

Lightning fast loading time. Update your menu anytime, anywhere.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Digital-marketing Ready

Our menus are embedded with Facebook pixels, it’s easier to start your marketing campaign.

One QR code, multiple menus.

One QR code, Multiple Menus

Different menus throughout the day. Schedule your menus and you’re ready to go.

Understand your customers

Understand Your Customers

Learn their ordering patterns. Optimise your menu to maximise your profits.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Content-marketing Ready

Our menus are indexed by Google, it will be ranked higher and searchable on the WWW.

Happy customers

Happy Customers = Healthy Sales

Set up an Eats Venture Menu today – it is a digital menu that is contactless and Google-searchable designed for online and offline orders, powered by Shoppertise’s fast and secure checkout. Make your restaurant menu mobile-first, simple and fast loading today!